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Rebecca Nelson

Rebecca Nelson (b. 1992) was the first US citizen born in former East Germany. At fourteen she left home to pursue a musical career in the States. She has played with different period ensembles all over the East Coast, including Boston’s Handel Haydn Society and has performed works on gut strings ranging from Monteverdi operas to film music by Saint-Säens to contemporary works written by dear friends and colleagues. She is also a member of the Shanghai Camerata, one of China‘s very first period ensembles.

Since graduating from The Juilliard School, Rebecca has started composing songs inspired by her love of baroque, bluegrass and folk and is eager to lead her own projects that combine early music with visual art and film. Her debut album Do Not Lament is a tribute to the people and musical styles that have shaped her life as a musician.

Rebecca enjoys taking naps with her cat Momo, singing Gillian Welch songs and shaking it to chaconnes like it’s 1669.

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