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About Historically Informed Composition

What is Historically Informed Composition?

Analogous to historically informed performance (the performance of ancient music informed by the instrumental techniques employed at the time of composition), historically informed composition is the creation of new music that draws heavily from composition methodologies of the past.

But hasn’t that music been written before?

Our philosophy is that what makes music truly great is not what novelties it may introduce, but rather how effective it is at accomplishing its unique goals, how elegantly and robustly it is put together, and how many times we feel compelled to hear it again and find new things to enjoy about it.

If Nuova Pratica’s music is all guided by the same principles, why do our pieces sometimes sound so different from one another?

This infusion of historical techniques alone does not necessarily imply that the music produced will be in the same styles as those of the times and places where these techniques first flourished. Nuova Pratica’s output includes both music that conforms perfectly well to the stylistic conventions of the past, but also music that treads its own stylistic path in the present with a similar toolkit in tow. While it’s true that all music is inspired by music that came before, Nuova Pratica’s intense love of early music lends to their performances a unique but familiar sound.

Why Historically Informed Composition?

Because we believe that writing music we love to play together will produce the best results!

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